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Help LSCC Receive An Additional $25,000 from Rite Aid

You have the opportunity to help the Lauren Small Children’s Center (LSCC) at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital receive an additional $25,000 from Rite Aid to benefit sick or injured kids at the LSCC!
The Rite Aid store at 11200 Olive Dr (Olive & Jewetta) is vying for 1st place in fundraising IN THE NATION and will receive an additional $25,000 for us!
They are very close…Your donation OF ANY AMOUNT will help push them over the top to success!
The campaign ends with a car wash this Saturday, Aug 8, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Please encourage your friends and family to stop by and donate too! And, PLEASE SHARE on Facebook!
Thank you for helping us make miracles for local children!