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Faith’s Journey ?

These are the heartfelt words of 2018 Miracles on 34th Street Ambassador, Faith Kight’s mom, Tina Morgan, and this is Faith’s journey:

​It’s been a year since we started this journey. A year of ups, downs and in between.  We have had 7 trips to the local hospital and 4-5 up north and one down south.  In between a it’s been various doctors, tests, blood work and countless trips to urgent care.  Everyday is a struggle, everyday is an unknown.  We stand today in the same place we did a year ago.  The thought of the diagnoses is now being questioned and we are back to square one.  We don’t know what’s wrong, we don’t know what’s causing so many random and hard to treat and control symptoms.   We are exploring more specialists and the thought of an autoimmune disease.  Faith is stuck in a cycle now having no relief or response to meds for over 4 months.  The paralysis on her left foot and partial on her leg still there.   None of this was ever expected.  Faith was my healthy child, never had issues.  She had a drive and compassion most adults don’t have.  She is strong… beyond strong.  She fights and hides everything she goes through with a smile.   Faith has been selected to be an ambassador for the Children’s Miracle Network.  At first I had no clue what it meant and really what it was for.  Even with so many hospitalizations under our belt.  It wasn’t until recently I learned they were the ones behind the moments I was actually able to stop and breath, to see her laugh or be distracted.  They provide more then most realize.  They raise money to buy equipment, research and bring in the staffing needed.  But aside from that, they bring joy to kids when they feel hopeless and lost and scared.  They come to the room and bring arts and crafts, dogs, blankets, pillowcases, games, etc.  They bring a sense of “normal” in an unexpected situation.  You never know when something is going to happen to your child.  Maybe it’s a sport injury, sickness, disease or something unknown.  If it wasn’t for what CMN does, our kids wouldn’t have the opportunity to stay home for treatment.  Next time you go to the store and you see the yellow balloon, $1 goes a long way….. and when you are in a position to need medical attention for your baby it will mean more then you could have even imagined!