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INTRODUCING: 2019 Miracles on 34th Street Ambassadors

Miracle Kids Help Light Up Bakersfield Memorial Hospital

Miracles on 34th Street continue to light up our world at the Lauren Small Children’s Center at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital.  And, it is with great honor that I introduce you to our three wonderful 2018 Miracles on 34th Street Ambassadors here.


Greyson “G-Man” Franklin

At age two, Greyson went in for a routine dental checkup.  His dentist found a sore that within two weeks spread to his whole mouth.  X-rays, blood work, and a biopsy was done.  The results of the biopsy revealed that two-year old Greyson had Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH).  Although his chemo treatments for this rare cancer were out of town, Greyson was treated at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital numerous times for fever spikes and asthma.  He is now cancer free!

Greyson’s Story:


Zachary Kent

In January 2018, Zachary was helping his daddy with yard-work.  His dad ran inside to quickly grab something and when he returned found Zachary floating in their pool.  His dad saved his life through CPR, but Zachary still had to be admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital.  Just days later he was released and has made a full recovery!

Zachary’s Story:


Dezmen “Iron Man” Licea

Dezmen, the little Iron Man is a true miracle!  Dezmen was born in Bakersfield on June 26, 2017 with a rare heart defect.  He was transferred to a hospital out of town and placed on ECMO life support.  Because of his condition, he had to have open heart surgery when he was just 1 day old.  Against all odds, Dezmen survived even after being taken off of life  support!  Dezmen celebrated his first birthday in June 2018!!! #Heart4Dezi

Dezmen’s Story: