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CMN Partners Team Up to Fight CoVid-19 Locally!

Today we witnessed the epitome of #Teamwork and #Collaboration!

Our friends at our 11 local Panda Express Restaurants have been in desperate need for hand sanitizer. Our Lauren Small Children’s Center at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital wanted to help, but we’ve been unable to buy any online OR through our hospital vendors.

That’s when our friends at Costco Wholesale #688 on Rosedale Highway stepped in! They donated from their own inventory set aside for warehouse use to help our friends at Panda Express.

When we delivered this amazing gift to Panda, they were overwhelmed with gratitude!

In addition, another CMN partner, California RX Card sent us their last 50 hand sanitizer spray bottles. We handed them out to the cashiers who handle lots of merchandise and cash daily at Costco Wholesale #688 on Rosedale and it nearly brought tears to their eyes!

These are amazing examples that by working TOGETHER, we will beat this CoVid-19! Collaboration is key and teamwork makes the dream work!!!