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Costco Provides Paper Products for Memorial Market

In a press conference on April, 8, Dignity Health, Bakersfield unveiled plans for onsite markets in partnership with SAMCO Food Store and Grimmway Farms.  Local businesses such as Valpredo Farms, Bakersfield Condors and Children’s Miracle Network partner, Costco on Rosedale Highway, will also be contributing to help keep our shelves stocked. We are grateful for the generosity of these companies that have come alongside us to offer this opportunity to our employees who are the heart and soul of our hospitals.


The Mercy & Memorial Markets are pop-up stores that will be located at each of our three Bakersfield hospitals. The stores will provide convenient shopping opportunities for our employees to acquire much-needed items during this pandemic.


Items for purchase at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital’s Memorial Market include eggs, milk, meat, fruit and veggies, canned food, bread, frozen and premade meals. Additionally, the store will also have toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies as available.  We recognize how challenging it is to find needed supplies in our community, and this is especially hard for those working long shifts when there is little to nothing left on store shelves at the end of the day. Memorial Market is intended to provide some relief to our staff and the care they provide to their loved ones.


Memorial Market is located in The Kitchen Table (cafeteria) and opened for a line of 200 employees Thursday, April 9th at 2PM.  The store will operate daily during normal café operating hours for as long as needed. Thank you for all that our caregivers are doing and will continue to do for our patients and community.