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Wow. No words can express the sheer gratitude in my heart. Our annual CMN Day of Giving ended just hours ago and I’m still so overwhelmed at the generosity of our community. Kern County generosity is like NO OTHER community!

Just hours ago, we revealed the total with our miracle kiddos and our media partners who put in countless hours planning and preparing to make sure every script, every detail is perfect And to say it was a huge success is an understatement! Last year we set a record raising $100,100 which was the FIRST TIME we’d ever raised over $100k…and this year…well, we shattered last year’s record and thanks to VERY GENEROUS folks who found it in their hearts to put their money where the miracles are, $140,772 was donated to our Lauren Small Children’s Center at Memorial Hospital!!!

And none of this would be possible without a TON of folks making it happen. Here goes (I pray I don’t miss anyone because EVERY contribution to the effort is significant).

To our all friends at KGET – TV 17 Bakersfield, American General Media (101.5 KGFM and 96.9 La Caliente), without your continued love and support year after year, this would not be possible. Countless hours are spent planning and preparing for this big day and you give up your precious airtime to help us help local kids…that is truly a priceless gift! Special thank you to EJ TylerMary Gonzalez, Cascabel, China, Tami Mlcoch and Jim Scott for your unwavering dedication to making miracles happen!

To all our sponsors, we are truly grateful! And, your matching dollars inspire our community to give so generously! Thank you: Chevron, Kern Schools Federal Credit Union (Michael George and team), OneLegacy, Vivint Solar Bakersfield, and Walter Mortensen Insurance (Mike Hay).

The amazing volunteers who start showing up before the sun! You ALL are amazing! Special thank you to Camie Bell, Amanda Hitchcock, Angie GriffithCody and Amanda HanlyKelleeAlberto, and Kirsten JimenezGary De RisioCaryl Belden SchweitzerMisty KnoebBri Hucka and Chris Lopez and I’m sure I’m leaving out some…you all are the ones who keep me going A L L day long. Without you, I would definitely NOT be able to juggle everything! I’m so grateful for you!

To the amazing phone bank volunteers..many of you have come back year after year and some did it for the very first time this year. Either way, you are all so appreciated. Without you, the nice folks on the other end of the line wouldn’t be able to put their money where the miracles are! Thank you Sam’s Club Elves, OneLegacy Ambassadors and Vivint Solar Bakersfield, Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Panda Express, Great Clips, Joe Belmontez and the BAKERSFIELD RAIDERS BOOSTER CLUB, Chevron, Miss Kern County Pageant and Vector Marketing/Cutco Bakersfield, Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (and Jimmi Tamsi for your overwhelming generosity and unending dedication to CMN!) Walgreens, Kern Schools Federal Credit Union, and the A-Team at KGET (Eytan WallaceKaren Hua, Alissa Carson).

To the behind the scenes production and technical teams, SUPER THANK YOU for keeping us on air and the lights and cameras on!

And, to our miracle kiddos and their families, special thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not only did you smash the $10,000 goal for Facebook and online donations, but more importantly, you bravely share your child’s journey with the world to help other kids and their families have hope…and THAT is truly priceless! Auntie Robin loves you all so much!!!

Lastly, I want to thank Kern County. Every year the CMN Day of Giving is such an emotional day, and every year you answer the need. Despite the economy, you give to the kids! Despite your many other causes you undoubtedly support, you give to the kids! Your generosity is unmatched by ANY other community in the world and I am so proud to call this my home!

#CMNdayofgiving #ForTheKids